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Refund Policy


Scoopon (“Scoopon” or ‘we’) try to ensure that we only promote deals that our Members will enjoy. We understand, however, that occasionally, this is not always the case. This Refund Policy (“Policy”) sets out the circumstances in which Vertical* may provide refunds to our Members (‘Member’ or ‘you’) in respect of a specific Deal.

1. Automatic refunds

1.1 You will be entitled to a refund or rebooking or other remedy (in accordance with your statutory rights) when:

1.1.1 the Vendor fails to or cannot provide the goods or services within the validity period;

1.1.2 the goods or services supplied by the Vendor are not reasonably fit for the purpose described, not of acceptable quality, or the goods or services are materially different to what we advertised;

1.1.3 the goods or services are not provided within a reasonable time, taking into account the validity period of the voucher; or

1.1.4 the product is no longer available

1.1.5 we have chosen to withdraw the Deal from sale.

2. Submitting a request for a refund

2.1 A request for a refund must be submitted via the form located on the “Contact Us” page of the Scoopon Website. All Members requesting a refund will be required to provide full particulars as to why they are not satisfied with the quality of the goods and services that are the subject of a Deal.

2.2 Upon receipt of your query, we will endeavour to contact the Vendor and resolve the issue on your behalf. If your query cannot be resolved, we will provide you a remedy in accordance with these terms and conditions.

3. Circumstances where we may approve a refund

3.1 We may approve a refund in circumstances where:

3.1.1 you have made reasonable attempts to use your voucher during the validity period, and you can provide reasonable evidence of your attempts. All services promoted on the Website are offered by Vendors subject to availability. Neither Scoopon nor the Vendor is responsible where you are unable to redeem your voucher for reasons beyondScoopon’s or the Vendor’s control, including where you are unable to redeem your voucher because, through reasons of your own, you cannot meet available booking/redemption times. We will review each claim on a case-by-case basis in accordance with our Policy; or

3.1.2 an appointment or booking is cancelled for reasons beyond the Vendor’s control (including for bad weather or breakdowns), you must allow the Vendor opportunity to provide you with alternative booking times, subject to the availability of appointments and the terms of the voucher. If available within a reasonable period of time after the expiry of the voucher, the Vendor may provide you with a booking after the validity period. You will be entitled to a refund where: your booking or appointment is cancelled by the Vendor consecutively more than 3 times within the validity period; or if required, you are provided with an alternative booking or appointment outside the validity period, which is subsequently cancelled by the Vendor.

4. Circumstances that do not qualify for a refund

4.1 You may not qualify for a refund in circumstances where you fail to:

4.1.1 contact the Vendor within any advertised “Book By” date; or

4.1.2 make reasonable attempts to secure a booking during the validity period; in this case, your voucher will be void and non-refundable.

4.2 Expired vouchers are non-refundable. We do not allow refunds or returns for change of mind. If you are eligible for a refund, you may choose to accept a store credit instead of a cash refund.

4.3 You contact us or the vendor to cancel you booking within 24 hours of your booked time.

5. Shopping – Defective/Damaged Goods

5.1 If you have a problem with your product, please contact us via email or our ‘Contact Us’. We will investigate your issues and advise you whether your product may be returned and, where required, provide you with instructions on how to return your goods.

5.2 If your product still has a valid manufacturer warranty, we recommend you first contact the manufacturer in relation to any fault or defect. However, you may still contact us.

5.3 Once an item is returned we will either inspect your product and investigate any claimed defect or in some cases, send the product to third parties for assessment and/or repair. Where applicable we provide a remedy in relation to your product.

5.4 If we do not believe a remedy is applicable upon inspecting your product (for example, where we believe the product have been misused, or there was a failure to use in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, used it in an abnormal way or there has been a failure to take reasonable care), we will reject your claim and return your goods to you. You must cover the cost of return shipping in order to receive goods we have rejected on inspection, and we will provide you with instructions on how to make this payment.

5.5 Refunds will be issued using the payment method used for purchase. If you have an account with us, store credits will be issued to the account used to purchase the product.

5.6 We aim to process refunds and replacements within 28 days of receipt by us of the original product, however, depending on your item and the number of returns in our system, this may take longer.

5.7 In the case of product and/or services redeemable through a third party provider, the refusal of a refund or Store Credit does not prevent you from seeking a refund directly from the provider.

6. Travel deals

6.1 “7-day change of mind guarantee” bookings (except for tour bookings) may be cancelled with a full refund provided that cancellation occurs strictly within 7 days from the date of booking, and provided that the cancellation is made no less than 14 days prior to the check-in date.

6.2 The “7-day change of mind guarantee” does not apply for tour bookings. Tour bookings may only be cancelled with a full refund provided that cancellation occurs strictly within 48 hours from the time of purchase.

7. Accidental purchases

7.1 Any accidental voucher purchases will incur a processing fee.

8. Scoopon will verify

8.1 Scoopon will verify the validity and veracity of some or all of the particulars of a request for refund by consulting with the relevant Vendor responsible for fulfilling the offer. Scoopon may also ask you (by phone or email) to provide additional information in relation to the refund request.

9. Scoopon may refuse a request

9.1 In circumstances where we believe that a request for a refund does not fall within the scope of this Policy, is misleading, incorrect and/or deceptive, or is otherwise invalid, Scoopon may, in its absolute discretion, refuse a refund request.Scoopon under no obligation to provide you with reasons as to why your request has been refused. Please note, any fraudulent refund requests will be immediately referred to the relevant authorities.

10. Refund to credit card

10.1 The refund will be credited to the credit card account or PayPal account used to purchase the Deal. Any refund provided by Scoopon is in no way an admission of liability by or on behalf ofScoopon or the admission of any other fact in connection with any act or omission which led to the request for a refund being submitted by the Member.

11. Change to Policy

11.1 Scoopon may change this Policy at any time at our absolute discretion by posting the revised Policy on this Website. It is your responsibility to review the terms of this Policy regularly. Your continued receipt of our daily emails will constitute acceptance and acknowledgment of the terms of this Policy.

12. Contact information

12.1 Any feedback or questions regarding this Policy should be emailed to support@scoopon.com.au and addressed to the Chief Operating Officer.